Holiday home rental in Peņiscola, Spain

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The amusement park in Tarragona:
In Tarragona aproximatly 70 miles north of Peņiscola lies Europes secondmost visited amusement park - only exeded by Disneyland Paris. The park is owned by Universal Studio and is seperated in severel sections, each with its own theme. You've got: 'Far West', 'Mexico', 'China', 'Polynesia' og 'the Mediterranean'. How about a boatride on the Nile or a walk on the 'Great Wall of China'?'. In 'China' you will also find Europes wildest rollercoaster with 8 loops, including the worlds biggest loop!!! Read more about it on their homepage.

The area hosts severel golf links as well, so if you are into that kind of amuesement you won't be disapointed either. The Panoramica Golf Club lies just 15 miles away from Peņiscola. It is designed by the German Bernhard Langer - for more information take a look at this homepage.

Holiday home rental in Peņiscola, Spain

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