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Peņiscola and its nearest surroundings:
The area has a lot to offer when it comes to experiencing the Spanish culture. Peniscola is a charming little town on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. The old castle-town that lies within the town is one of the most visited sights in the country only exceeded by Alhambra in Granada. At the long sandy beach you can enjoy swimming, or you can rent boats and waterscooters at the beach in the town and enjoy the ocean. The coastline south of the town is rocky and at some places very high and steep. This is is a great area for divers to see the life underneath the surface. You can also find small bits of sandy beach here far from the town so ordinary swimming is also an option. The nature around the beach, south of Peniscola, is a uninhabited and protected naturereserve with small mountains as much as 1500 feet high and marked walking paths and routes. Here you can enjoy a day far away from civilization in the wilderness of Spain - and you've got a perfekt view at the Mediterranean. For those with a need for speed, there is also gocart track just 1-2 miles from the town.

Sight seeing in the Spanish hinterland:
If you bring or rent a car you can also take a drive into the rocky hinterland. This area is very eventful and offers great expiriences of a kind you won't find at the coast. Some of the best are: St. Joseph's Caver, dripstone caves that lies near the town of La Vall d'Uixó (road CS-225). It is about 80 miles south of Peniscola. A big part of the underground halls can be expirienced on foot, but a part of the biggest (the biggest in Europe, actually) can only be entered by boat. Near the town of Montanejos (also about 80 miles south Peniscola) lies a Spanish miniature Grand Canyon. Here the river has carved itself deep down in the ground an created this amazing gorge. A bit closer to Peniscola lies two places where prehistoric cave paintings have been found. The one place is at the town of Ares and the second is at the town of Albocácer 30 miles from the Peņiscola. The latter one has an exciting archaeological museum where many of the findings can be seen. These are just a few of many. Some might find it just as interesting just to go for a drive in the hills in the hinterland far away from other tourists. Here you can expirience the charming country life in the small villages you pass. The 2 pictures to the right is from such a town - Ballestar. Beautiful, calm and peacefull - it almost seems as if time has stopped...
On the way to Ballestar you pass through an allmost Austrian looking area where the river has been dammed up to produce electricity. This area shows that Spain can also be moist and vigorous.
Along the coastline lies one orange orchard after the other. If you visit the area the right time of the year you can see these great green areas lit up by an orange gleam from the mature fruit. The coastline Costa del Azahar is actually named after the orangetrees that grows here along the ocean.

Holiday home rental in Peņiscola, Spain

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