Holiday home rental in Peņiscola, Spain

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Serra d'Irta

Here are some pictures of the waste naturereserve that lies south of Peņiscola and close to the holiday home. This is a very exiting area to explore on bike or by foot.

Along the winding coastal road you'll find many small sand beaches where you can take a break, have a swim or enjoy the food you've brought along.
The very beautiful naturereserve that lies south of the town offers many hours of exiting walks by marked paths in the wilderness. The view to the blue Mediterranean combined with the amazing birdlife in the area is a peaceful and pleasant experience.
It's easy to see that the area into the wild, south of the town is old farmland. Everywhere are old terraces and quite often you stumble over the ruins of an old stonehouse.
A view at Peņiscola from the winding road in the nature.
Just a 200 yards from the edge of town you find this narrow walking path that leads into the spectacular and preserved naturereserve.

Holiday home rental in Peņiscola, Spain

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