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The castle is a fantastic place to be at night. In its narrow, winding streets you will find lots of small local shops and resturants.
Summerevenings in Spain are warm and dry and as you can see the resturants have moved out on the streets. There is an amazing atmosphere.
In the western parts of the castle you will find a very café on a very strange location. Just next to the tables you will see a huge gap in the rocks. It is an opening to an underground cave connected to the ocean. You can hear the waves of the ocean and sometimes you can even see the water being pushed up from beneath.
The town seen from the naturereserve south of it. The old castle-town is clearly seen on the little peninsula in the ocean. You can clearly see that the town and the area is not very marked by tourists.
On the little beach in the center of the town you can choose to sun-bathe or perform various watersports. It's also possible to rent rubber dinghy or water-scooters and if you get hungry you can eat at one of the little restaurants that offers traditional Spanish tapas dishes.
In Peņiscola fishing is still an important occupation of many of the locals. And when the catch of the day has been sold at the local marketplace, the nets are put in order in front of the old castle-town. The fish can be enjoyed on the local restaurants as lunch or dinner.
A picture from the inside of the old castle-town. The charming old streets and narrow passages gives the impression that little change has happend since pope Benedikt d. 13 (Papa Luna) lived here in the year 1400.
No Spanish town without a bullfigther arena - and Peņiscola has also got one. But the arena has seen better days and you can tell it has been a long time since anyone has been sitting on the benches. But even in decay this old construction has still got it's old Spanish charm and is a beautiful sight and inspiration for the imagination.

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Holiday home rental in Peņiscola, Spain

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