Holiday home rental in Peņiscola, Spain

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The terrases

The house has a total of four lovely terraces.

A sun terrace with access from the master bedroom and a fantastic view at the ocean and surrounding nature.

A large 40 m2 terrace accessible from the living room

A roofed terrace with a view of the ocean.

And finally a lovel little terrace, where the sun always can be enjoyed in total shelter from any wind.

The sun terrace

On the second floor, with a spectacular view, we find this lovely terrace where you can enjoy the sun in privacy.
During the day, you can enjoy the sun and the view of the ocean. In the summertime, maybe after a trip into town, this is where the day ends with a glass of wine in the warm and tranquil evening.

The big terrace

The 40 m2 terrace behind the house is located directly next to the wonderful, wild spanish nature. In the hot spanish summer you will find both sun and shade on this terrace depending of the time of the day. In the evenings you can enjoy dinner and wine in calmness here.
The terrace close proximity to the hills and wild nature of Spain is quite unique. The outdoor grill is used to prepare food in the open and the location of the terrace ensures privacy during dinner if that is desired. Once you have experienced a summer evening here, you will want to repeat it again and again. If you are travelling with small children the terrace is also an ideal area for them to play under supervison.

The roofed terrace

In front of the house, with a view of the ocean, the pool and the tennis court you find the roofed terrace. This is often where breakfast is enjoyed while enjoying the view of the nature or the sea.

The little terrace

Since this terrace is surrounded by the house you will always find shelter from the wind here. Especially during winter, late autumn or early spring, this terrace is ideal for enjoying launch outside under the Spanish sun.

Holiday home rental in Peņiscola, Spain

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